Loft Conversions in Leeds

Building Services

A loft conversion company that does general  building too?  That’s right!

Over the years we’ve come across properties that can’t enjoy the benefits of one of our beuatiful loft conversions, simply because of planning restrictions.

Clearly our potential customers were upset by this and wanted to explore other ways to expand the living area of their properties – in many cases an extension was the answer, and since we already employed the relevant tradesmen, we started offering that service too.

We’ve seen loft conversion plans that have not been apporoved because

  • The corner plot at the side of the house is too near a highway or footpath,
  • You have already over developed the property:  ie large extensions to side or rear. Generally in a 2 storey property  this reduces your pd allowance (permitted development)of 70 cubic meters and planning permission is now required, [98% of all loft conversions only require building regulations]
  • If the side of your house has a public passageway to the side

Over the years Room At The Top have built many extensions to properties as a result  of the above.

In many other cases however, we have been asked to build kitchen and dining room extensions at the same time as building the loft!

This is very cost effective for the customer – and also means you are not dealing with many different contractors, who inevitably will have some problems with their time scales working together.


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